Orange County – Laguna Coast

Laguna Beach is southern California’s Amalfi Coast. A beautiful cliff coast adorned with fantastic ocean views. It is an excellent location with great restaurants, entertainment, sightseeing and outdoor activities. Located south of Los Angeles and North of San Diego.
Front Cover 101 ThingsMy photo was selected as the front cover for the summer 2013 issue!

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Torrey Pines State Reserve – A great place to hike and enjoy the outdoors!

1- TorreyPines

Although this park is located within San Diego’s city limits, it remains one of the wildest landscapes along the Southern California coast, with miles of unspoiled beaches, chaparral, elegant Torrey Pine trees and a lagoon vital to many species of migrating birds.

2- TorreyPines 3- TorreyPines 4- TorreyPines
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La Jolla, California

“ The jewel of California” La Jolla is San Diego’s swanky neighbor to the north, a town that is upscale, exclusive, and home to some of the area’s priciest real estate. Take one look at the pristine coastline, and you’ll instantly understand the allure.

From Princess St overlooking towards La Jolla Cove

La Jolla

La Jolla Cove area

Princess St

La Jolla’s most spectacular spot is the bluff above La Jolla Cove.

Sedona Arizona – This mysterious place of VORTEXES!

Sedona is a city that straddles the county line between Coconino and Yavapai counties in the northern Verde Valley region of the U.S. state of Arizona. Sedona is at an altitude of 4,500 ft. Often called “Red Rock Country” Sedona is a four seasons playground for everyone.It has some great hiking, biking and 4 wheel trails.

It’s location between the Sonoran Desert below and the pine-forested mountains above might be a metaphor for a view that Sedona is also “between worlds” in other ways. Long believed to be a sacred place by Native Americans, reportedly including very ancient peoples, Sedona has a reputation as a spiritual and metaphysical center.

Is Sedona some kind of cosmic crossroads where physics changes just a little bit, and the physical and spiritual dimensions rub up against each other more closely? That question draws thousands of visitors who travel there from all over the world every year.

Many of them seek out the vortex sites and try to sense altered energy and altered consciousness within themselves. Some choose to hike the many trails in the national forest and wilderness area surrounding Sedona. It’s easy to lift your routine consciousness and mood simply from hiking in such a beautiful and peaceful setting.

In Sedona the hypnotist is nature, the mountains. The suggestion is that there are vortexes of tremendous energy and if you open yourself to them you will have an experience.

CMH Bugaboos: Making our way up …The Bugaboos are a hiker’s nirvana.

CMH Bugaboos: Making our way up through the rock slabs towards the Kickoff Glacier.I’m the guy on the left of the photo….Luis Camberos
Aug 25/11

The Bugaboos, a granite mountain range in the Purcell Mountains of eastern British Columbia, Canada.

Bugaboo- Spire

Hiking our way up from Silver Basin - The Bugaboos -

Bugaboo Spire Lookout from the Lodge

Hiking towards Green Valley

Laurie Anne and Luis Hiking Silver Basin

Bugaboo Hike

Bugaboo Spire Lookout

Bugaboo -Silver Basin Hike

The pond at Bugaboo Lodge

Pipeline Area - Laurie Anne Snow Hiking up to the Pass

Pipeline Area - Snow Hiking up to the Pass

BugaBoo Spire to the Right

Lookout from Easy Roll

Bugaboo Spire from the Bugaboo Lodge

Wind and Sea – La Jolla Ca

I love spending a summer afternoon walking around this beautiful beach community!

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Presidio and University Heights

Walking in San Diego – Presidio and University Heights

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